Crucible RMG
Random Match Generator


We are three guys who met on LFG one night when trying to run trials. This night can only be described as a nightmarish hellscape. We could not get out of our own way. Black Shield has been met with nothing but expletives ever since. However, this night of pure rage forged a bond and we have been friends ever since. Our goal with Crucible RMG is to create something for the community that will make lives easier. Thank you for checking us out.

Let's meet the team:

  • Name: Bo
  • Twitter: @Han_Bolo
  • XBL: Han Bolo
  • PSN: N/A
  • Main: Titan
  • Name: Tyler
  • Twitter: @wondro18
  • XBL: Wondro
  • PSN: N/A
  • Main: Titan
  • Name: JJ
  • Twitter: @theirishtide
  • XBL: The Irish Tide
  • PSN: The_Irish_Tide
  • Main: Hunter